Top Dressing Lawn Services in Atlanta

Lawn Leveling / Lawn Sanding

Some benefits of topdressing are:

Adds organic matter to your Atlanta soils.
Builds up the soil flora. Top dressing(SP?) combined with core aeration can place organic material deeper into the soil.
Organic top dressing can change soil structure.
Compost top dressing with the right biological components can help reduce lawn diseases.
Adding compost helps reduce traffic stress.
Compost incorporated into heavy soils helps relieve compaction problems. Compost incorporated into sandy soils helps with water retention.
Top dressing with the right materials can help reduce the need for fertilizer. and can help reduce thatch.
The Cation Exchange Capacity of compost is approximately ten times higher than most lump soils.

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Top Dressing/Sanding Services

Top dressing is done to ensure a top quality finish. Our professionally top dressed lawns have a level and true surface with improved drainage and drought tolerance. Through our five step process, the soil structure is improved, promoting a thicker, healthier lawn. If you are looking for your lawn to compare with a golf course putting green,type lawn, then look no further. Sand-Sational Lawns can make that happen. We deal with Centipede,Zoysia, Bermuda, and Fescue grass.

The Process
We use industrial made reel mowers for scalpingto a custom and predetermined height for your yard.The grass is cut down to grade, providing optimal coverage of the top dressing material into the bumps and divots in your lawn.

Core Aeration
Core aerating of compacted soils allows the top dressing material to penetrate the soil surface and loosen compaction promoting a healthy, and vigorous root system.

The appropriate fertilizer is applied to promote strong roots and a quick greening; positive signs of aand healthy lawn.

Top Dressing/Sanding
Top dressing material is spread over the lawnsurface area using professional top dressing equipmentallowing for the correct amount required specific to your lawn.

The final critical step in the processis dragging. We drag and sweep the top dressed lawn completely thereby neutralizing allof the bumps and divotsin the yard. This ensures the most level surface possible.